LEG HOLD TRAPS [ Buy ] $6.50 Each [ Rent ] $0.50 Each

Possum Control NZ provides Possum Hunter's and Trapper's with New Zealand's most Economical Leg Hold Possum Traps.

My name is Matthew Oborn and I have provided 1000's of traps to possum hunter's and trapper's. It is my belief that you should be able to make a reasonable profit from your work. I provide quality traps and a simple online ordering system with no online payment requirements. Check out the full details here now or visit my contact page if you have any questions before ordering your Possum Traps.

Property/Block Owners

We provide a database of hunters and trappers who would like to assist property owners to lower possum populations. This in turn assists hunters and trappers to do their business cost effectively. If you a property/block owner looking for trappers, click here now to fill in our membership request form.

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